News 14.7.2022

Weather models help predict solar radiation for use in solar energy

The weather model used by the Finnish Meteorological Institute produces good forecasts for an entire forecast period of more than two days.
Photo: Pixabay

The amount of solar radiation varies considerably because of cloudiness, which continues to cause variation in the production of solar energy. Accurate forecasts help predict and adjust the production of solar energy.

Further information:

Researcher Viivi Kallio-Myers, Finnish Meteorological Institute, p. 050 503 1012, Scientific article is available on Meteorological Applications. Full citation of publication: Kallio-Myers, V., Riihelä, A., Schoenach, D., Gregow, E., Carlund, T., & Lindfors, A. V. (2022). Comparison of irradiance forecasts from operational NWP model and satellite-based estimates over Fennoscandia. Meteorological Applications, 29( 2), e2051.

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