News 1.10.2021

Give us feedback and help us improve our online service

The Finnish Meteorological Institute wants to hear your opinion! Our customer satisfaction survey will open on our website on Monday 4 October. The survey gives you the chance to give us feedback and suggestions on how to improve our services.

The survey will be open to tablet and desktop computer users in October. Feedback from mobile device users will be collected in a similar survey in November.

The survey opens automatically on top of the website. If you do not wish to take the survey, you can close the window by clicking the X in the right upper corner of the pop-up.

The survey pops up on the site only once per day per browser. You can see the survey at most three times in a month; however, never twice in one day. If you have already responded to the survey, it will not show again unless you delete the cookies from your browser.

Finnish Meteorological Institute umbrellas as raffle prizes for respondents

The customer survey provides us valuable feedback and ideas that play a significant role in the development of our web service. We hope to get as many responses as possible!

The Webstatus survey is carried out in cooperation with the company Userneeds.

If you would like to participate in a draw for a chance to win a Finnish Meteorological Institute umbrella, enter your email. After taking the survey, you can also join Userneeds’ Online panel. This gives you access to other surveys. You can also respond to the survey without giving your contact details.

Further information

You can respond to the survey directly through the Userneeds website Are you experiencing problems filling in the survey? See the instructions Userneeds privacy policy