News 20.12.2021

Greetings from Sammaltunturi measuring station!

Greetings from the snowy Sammaltunturi mountain, in the Pallas area of Finnish Lapland.
Santa Claus visited the measuring station at Pallas. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen / Kota Collective.

The measurements made at Sammaltunturi measuring station represent top-notch research data on the status of the atmosphere and ecosystems in the arctic. The measuring station turned 30 this year.

But the Finnish Meteorological Institute started the weather observations here already in 1935.

Air quality measurements have played an important role since the foundation of the station. Pallas is a key Arctic measurement point for atmospheric research, and therefore it is part of the World Meteorological Organization’s Global Atmosphere Watch network.

At the station, concentrations of greenhouse gases are measured, and the surrounding forests and mires which act as carbon dioxide sinks are also monitored.

Measurements are done in cooperation with national and international partners. These observations are especially useful in tackling climate warming.

Even Santa Claus himself found time to visit the station!

What did Santa Claus find at the measuring station? Watch the video!

Further information about the Pallas Atmosphere-Ecosystem Supersite

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