News 24.11.2021

Industrial emissions have considerable effect on wet deposition in South Africa

The Finnish Meteorological Institute participated in a study examining the chemical composition of rainwater using water samples taken in South Africa.
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The average pH value of the samples was 4.8, and sulphate was the most common compound that were analysed. The source analysis showed that industrial sources were the most significant factors affecting the chemical composition of rain and wet deposition in the studied area.

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Researcher Ville Vakkari, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel. 050 4076133,

Kok, L., van Zyl, P. G., Beukes, J. P., Swartz, J.-S., Burger, R. P., Ellis, S., Josipovic, M., Vakkari, V., Laakso, L., and Kulmala, M.: Chemical composition of rain at a regional site on the South African Highveld, Water SA, 47, 326–337,, 2021.

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