Forecast of air movement

The animation is a forecast showing the probable movement of air up to the next 36 hours. The point of departure is Fukushima in Japan. The animation does not illustrate rain or its potential impact.

How to read the animation

  • The start times of the forecast runs shown on the images are 00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC.
  • The darker the grey, the more air from the point of departure has passed over the area in question.
  • The animations on our website are updated twice every 24 hours.
  • All times on the page are given as UTC, which can be converted to Finnish time by adding +3 hours. Japanese time is obtained by adding +9 hours to the UTC.

The calculations have been made using the SILAM modelling system of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The Institute supports the activities of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and other authorities as concerns the situation in Japan.