Post processing and post products

The results of the weather forecast model can be utilized directly or they can be used as an input for some specialized postproduction models.

For weather forecasting, the results of the model must usually be postprocessed to make them more usable by the duty meteorologists. In its simplest form, this means plotting graphs and maps to visualize the results. The results can also be post-processed to obtain parameters not directly available in model output. The meteorologist making the weather forecast has usually outputs from many models at her or his disposal.

When used as an input for another model, the forecast results are usually fed into a data base, from where the postproduction models then read their input. These models include, e.g., various air quality models as well as road and pedestrian weather models.

When working, meteorologist is surrounded by severall computer displays.
Meteorologist has forecasts from several NWP models as well as various measurements at her or his disposal (Photo: M.Ratilainen).