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Finnish Meteorological Institute publishes software as open source code

8.11.2016 9:03

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) will publish the source code for SmartMet Server, the server software used in the distribution of weather data and products, by the end of this year. The FMI uses this software in the background in its services to customers, its public websites and mobile applications, and in the distribution of open data.

The FMI has a variety of software that is used in the production, processing and distribution of weather and environment data. A report currently underway investigates the possibilities to open all software developed at the institute. The decision to publish software depends, among other things, on the possibility to separate the software as an independent entity and its potential benefit to the user and developer community.

"The extent of the published software will be significant by international standards. The publication of the software as an open source code is aimed at increasing the possibilities to utilise open weather and climate data, and to boost the use and development of the software. We also expect to benefit from the forming user and developer community," says Juhani Damski, Director General of the FMI. The FMI's open source code is intended to support research projects, international collaboration, development cooperation and business in Finland. Potential users and developers include other meteorological institutes, companies operating in the field, and private developers.

As a rule, FMI's software will be published using the MIT licence, which sets very few restrictions to how the software is used. The MIT licence permits use of the source code also as a part of closed source software, as long as the original licence is provided along with the software. However, the licence of the software to be published will be considered on a case by case basis with the possible collaboration partners.

The software will be published in the GitHub online service, which is one of the largest web-based services in the world for open source codes.

The term open source code refers to software that can be freely utilised, modified and redistributed by the user.

For more information:

Development manager Roope Tervo tel. + 358 29 539 3651

Director of Weather and Safety Jussi Kaurola tel. +358 29 539 4181