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Weather forecast for shipping 220500 UTC


Gulf of Finland and Eastern part of Northern Baltic:

Southwest gale 18 m/s.

Sea of Bothnia:

West near gale 16 m/s.

Lake Saimaa:

Southwest near gale 14 m/s.

Strong wind advisory:

Western part of Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland, Sea of Archipelago, the Quark and Bay of Bothnia:

West wind 12 m/s.

Wave height warning:

Rough waves occur in Gulf of Finland and Northern Baltic. Significant wave height exceeds 2.5 meters.


Deep low over Norwegian Sea moving to Arctic Ocean. Secondary low over province Kainuu moving rapidly to the White Sea.

Forecast for next 24 hours:

Gulf of Finland and eastern part of Northern Baltic:

Rapidly decreasing southwest, at first 14-18, daytime west wind 9-14 m/s. Before midnight still decreasing, after midnight 7-11. At first local rain.

Western part of Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland and Sea of Archipelago:

Temporarily decreasing mainly west, before noon 5-9 m/s. Daytime 8-12, after midnight 6-10. At first local rain.

Sea of Bothnia:

West to northwest 7-11, in the afternoon west 10-14, in the evening up to 16 m/s. At night decreasing, after midnight 7-11. Mostly good vis.

Quark and Bay of Bothnia:

Mainly west 8-12 m/s. At night decreasing. Mostly good vis.

Lake Saimaa:

Rapidly decreasing southwest, at first 10-14, daytime mainly west 4-8 m/s. At first rain, daytime possibly showers.

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