Wind and pressure forecast for Baltic Sea

Sun 5/7 03PM
Sun 5/7 06PM
Sun 5/7 09PM
Mon 6/7 12AM
Mon 6/7 03AM
Mon 6/7 06AM
Mon 6/7 09AM
Mon 6/7 12PM
Mon 6/7 03PM
Mon 6/7 06PM
Mon 6/7 09PM
Tue 7/7 12AM
Tue 7/7 03AM
Tue 7/7 06AM
Tue 7/7 09AM
Tue 7/7 12PM

Forecast updated 5/7 11:56AM local time.

Animation represents wind speed (m/s), wind direction and air pressure (hPa) forecast for the following two days. Wind speed and direction are 10-minute averages from 10 meters above ground.