Weather forecast for shipping 261700 UTC

No warnings.


High over Lapland. Intensive low over Norwegian Sea and secondary low moving to Gulf of Bothnia.

Forecast for next 24 hours:

Eastern Gulf of Finland:

Veering to southwest decreasing, by night 2-7 m/s. By day south to southeast. Local mist or fog.

Western Gulf of Finland, Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland and Archipelago, southern Sea of Bothnia:

Mainly southwest 3-8 m/s. Tomorrow south or southeast. Local mist or fog, from night on local rain.

Northern Sea of Bothnia, Quark:

Decreasing south or southeast, by night variable 2-6 m/s. By day somewhat increasing south to southwest. Local mist or fog.

Bay of Bothnia:

East to southeast 6-11 m/s. Tomorrow veering to south or southwest 3-8 m/s. Rain or sleet at times.

Lake Saimaa:

Mainly southeast 3-7 m/s, after midnight 1-5 m/s. By day somewhat increasing south. Rain or sleet at times, local mist or fog.