Weather forecast for shipping 230500 UTC

No warnings.


High over Scandinavia.

Forecast for next 24 hours:

Gulf of Finland:

Decreasing mainly north, by day variable 2-5 m/s, by inshore sea breeze. In the evening increasing and becoming northwest, at night 3-7 m/s. Good vis.

Eastern part of Northern Baltic:

Mainly north 4-8 m/s. In the evening slightly decreasing, at night 2-6 m/s. Good vis.

Western part of Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland and Sea of Archipelago:

Mainly north 3-7 m/s, in the afternoon variable. By evening slightly decreasing and becoming northwest. Mostly good vis.

Sea of Bothnia:

Mainly west 3-7, from the evening 1-5 m/s. At night possibly mist or fog, otherwise good vis.

Quark and Southern Bay of Bothnia:

Mainly southwest 3-7 m/s. By day variable 2-5, inshore sea breeze locally. By evening becoming northeast. Mostly good vis.

Lake Saimaa:

North to northwest 2-6 m/s. By evening to northeast veering and slightly decreasing wind. From the afternoon local showers, thunder possible.