Weather forecast for shipping 161700 UTC


Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland, Sea of Archipelago and Gulf of Bothnia:

South to southwest near gale 14 m/s.


Low over Ice Sea moving northeast and tomorrow another low approaching Scandinavia from west.

Forecast for next 24 hours:

Gulf of Finland:

Southwest 7-11 m/s, in the afternoon on western part up to 13. Good vis.

Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland and Sea of Archipelago:

From west increasing south to southwest, at night 6-10 m/s, in the afternoon 10-14. Good vis.

Gulf of Bothnia:

South to southwest 8-12 m/s, at first on northern part of Bay of Bothnia, in the afternoon also elsewhere up to 14. Tomorrow from afternoon on at times rain, otherwise good vis.

Lake Saimaa:

Southwest 1-5 m/s. Tomorrow morning gradually increasing, in the afternoon 6-10. Good vis.