Weather forecast for shipping 211700 UTC

No warnings.


Ridge of high over southern and middle part of Finland moving somewhat south.

Forecast for next 24 hours:

Gulf of Finland:

Variable 1-5 m/s. Mostly good vis.

Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland and Archipelago:

East to southeast 3-7 m/s. In the morning increasing south to southwest, by day 6-11. Snow showers locally, otherwise good vis.

Sea of Bothnia:

South to southeast 4-8 m/s. Local snow showers, otherwise good vis.

Quark and Bay of Bothnia:

Mainly west 4-8 m/s. By day somewhat decreasing, in the afternoon 2-6. Mostly good vis.

Lake Saimaa:

Variable 0-4 m/s. Locally light snow.

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