Weather forecast for shipping


Weather forecast for shipping 290500 UTC

No warnings.


Region of weak low from middle parts of Sweden to southeast Finland filling up gradually.

Forecast for next 24 hours:

Gulf of Finland:

Mainly west 2-6 m/s. In the evening from west becoming southeast, after midnight 4-8. Mostly good vis.

Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland and Sea of Archipelago:

At first south to southwest 2-6 m/s. In the afternoon south to southeast 4-8, on Sea of Åland up to 10. At night southeast 6-10. Mostly good vis, at night from south showers.

Sea of Bothnia:

Mainly south 4-8 m/s, on the southern part from the evening up to 10. At night local mist or fog.

Quark and Bay of Bothnia:

South to southeast 3-7 m/s. In the afternoon slightly decreasing, in the evening variable 1-5. After midnight becoming southeast. Mostly good vis.

Lake Saimaa:

Variable 1-5 m/s. Showers and local mist or fog.