Utö observations

Observations at Utö (Picture: Lauri Laakso)

Meteorological observations:

Marine weather at Utö

Variable Start of measurements Institute
T, p, WS, WD, RH  1881  FMI
Precipitation  1881  FMI
Global radiation  1998  FMI
Diffuse radiation  1998  FMI
UV-radiation  1998  FMI
Visibility  2002  FMI
Cloud cover and height  2006  FMI
Wind profile (Doppler lidar)  2012  FMI
Weather camera  2014  FMI


Aerosol and trace gas observations:

Variable Start of measurements Institute
Aerosol chemical composition (PM10)  1980  FMI
SO2  1980  FMI
NO2  1986  FMI
O3  1986  FMI
VOC  1994-2008  FMI
Fine particles (PM2.5)  2003  FMI
Aerosol size distribution  2004  FMI
Aerosol absorption  2007  FMI
Aerosol scattering  2010  FMI
Aerosol chemical composition (PM2.5)  2011  FMI


Greenhouse gas observations:

(See also: ICOS-Utö)

Variable Start of measurements Institute
CO2, CH4 and CO concentrations 2012 FMI
CO2- flux 2012 FMI
pCO2 2012 FMI


Marine observations:


Start of measurements

Sea ice observations 1897 FMI (/FIMR)
Temperature and salinity profiling 0-90m 1900 FMI (/FIMR)
Nutrients and chlorophyll 2001

ELY (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)

Wave buoy 2012 FMI
Sea Ice radar 2013 FMI
T-S-O2-profiles (0...-80m) 2013 FMI
Temperature, salinity, O2, turbidity, chlorophyll (at 5 m depth) 2014 FMI
Currents (0...-23m) and surface waves 2014 FMI
AIS receiver 2015 FMI
Chlorophyll 2015 SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute)
Bottle sampler 2015 SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute)