Observation Services

Observation Services unit belongs to Weather and Safety division of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Operational weather forecasts, environmental and atmospheric studies, safety and warning services all have an important role in society. None of these can be studied or applied without proper knowledge of weather conditions. Weather observations themselves are necessary indicators in weather-sensitive decision making. Observations are used by e.g. air traffic, maritime operations, tourism, agriculture, forestry, energy production, maintenance services, and private citizens. Among other activities, Jokioinen observatory is part of the Observation Services unit.

Activities at the Observation Services unit:

  • To safeguard the overall working prerequisites of the observation stations, the development of the observational network and maintenance of the professional standards of the observational staff
  • To obtain observational services from partners outside the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • To continuously develop observational systems and methods, as well as basic calibration activities
  • To develop and maintain the weather radar network
  • To install, bring into operation, maintain and service observational equipment
  • To take responsibility for the maintenance and development of the observational measurement, data collection and data storage systems
  • To develop quality assurance and documentation systems
  • To maintain air quality and radioactivity measurement stations and to be responsible for their equipment, measurements, data transmission and supply of inspected data to the Air Quality Research Division
  • To participate in development work relating to the Research Sector's measurement methods and systems
  • To offer expert services in both national and international development projects


Contact information

Finnish Meteorological Institute
Observation Services

Head of Unit: Juhana Hyrkkänen
phone: +358 29 539 3495

Secretary: Milla Salminen
phone: +358 29 539 5701


Erik Palménin aukio 1
FI-00560 Helsinki

tel. +358-29-539 1000

fax +358-29-539 5703


Please address data requests to Climate Services.