Finances in 2015

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's finances consisted of appropriations from the State's budget for the core activities and revenues from commercial services and co-funded operations. Appropriations from the State budget covered 64 per cent of the Institute's expenses.

  • Budget financing EUR 46.0 million
  • Revenues EUR 26.1 million

The target set for the surplus from commercially priced services was reached.

Revenues from the sales of cost-priced public services and commercial services totalled EUR 10.8 million.

Revenues from co-funded operations amounted to EUR 15 million, remaining at the level of the previous year.

Expenditure in 2015

The Insitute's total expenditure came to EUR 72.3 million. This was EUR 3.9 million less than in the previous year. The underlying reasons were improvement of operational efficiency and a reduction in investments.

Costs in 2015

Costs were followed by means of activity-based costing. Salary costs continued to be the biggest item in the cost structure, accounting for 53 per cent of the total. Operating costs accounted for 38 per cent and capital costs for 8 per cent. The Institute's total costs amounted to EUR 74.8 million, or one per cent more than the year before.

  • Salary costs EUR 39.8 million
  • Operating costs EUR 28.7 million
  • Capital costs EUR 6.3 million

NETRA documents: The Finnish Meteorological Institute's NETRA reporting documents are available only in Finnish.