CV Laura Rontu

Title Senior scientist

Postal address Finnish Meteorological Institute, Meteorological Research, Box 503, 00101 Helsinki

Street address Finnish Meteorological Institute, Meteorological Research, Erik Palmenin aukio 1, 00560 Helsinki

Phone number +358 29 539 4134

Fax +358 29 539 4103

Fields of expertise

  • Numerical weather prediction



University and other degrees

  • Phil.Doc. 2007, University of Helsinki, Finland. Thesis: Studies on orographic effects in a numerical weather prediction model. Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions No. 63.
  • Phil.Lic. 1986, University of Helsinki, Finland. Thesis: A study of finete-amplitude mountain waves using a stationary model.
  • M.Sc. 1980, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Previous professional appointments

  • Member of international HIRLAM project management group (physical parametrizations) 2005.
  • Head of the FMI NWP group 1.1.1997-30.6.2001
  • Senior scientist, Finnish Meteorological Institute in Weather research (numerical modelling) 1989 - 1997.
  • Meteorologist, Finnish Meteorological Institute at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, 1985 - 1987.
  • Research assistant, Academy of Finland/Department of Meteorology, University of Helsinki, 1978-1981 (total ca. 25 months).

Other professional activities

List of publications

Vertaisarvioidut julkaisut/Refereed publications

Rontu L., F. Obleitner, S. Gollvik, C. Zingerle, S. Tijm, 2009. HIRLAM experiments on surface energy balance accross Vatnajökull. Meteorol. Atmos. Phys 103, 67-77.

Rontu L., 2006. Vorticity budget over mountains, estimated from HIRLAM analyses and forecasts. Met.Z.,15,199-206.

Rontu L., 2006. A study on parametrization of orography-related momentum fluxes in a synoptic-scale NWP model. Tellus, 58A, 68-81.

Rontu L., K. Sattler and R. Sigg, 2002. Parametrization of subgrid-scale orography effects in HIRLAM. HIRLAM Technical report, 56, 59 pp.

Eerola, K., Rontu, L., Kourzeneva, E. and Shcherbak, E. 2010. A study on effects of lake temperature and ice cover in HIRLAM. Boreal Env. Res. 15, 130–142.

Holopainen E.O, L. Rontu L. and N.-C. Lau, 1982. The effect of large-scale transient eddies in the time-mean flow in the atmosphere. J. Atmos. Sci., 39, 1972-1984.

Holopainen E.O and L. Rontu, 1981. On shear lines in the upper troposphere over Europe. Tellus, 33, 351-369.

Sass B.H., L. Rontu L. and P. Räisänen, 1994. HIRLAM-2 radiation scheme: documentation and tests. HIRLAM technical report N:o 16, 43pp.

Senkova A.S., L. Rontu and H. Savijärvi, 2007. Parametrization of orographic effects on surface radiation in HIRLAM. Tellus 59A, 279-291.

Venäläinen A., L. Rontu and R. Solantie, 1999. On the influence of peatland draining on local climate. Boreal Env.Res., 4, 89-100.

Wyser K., L. Rontu and H. Savijärvi, 1999. Introducing the effective radius into a fast radiation scheme of a mesoscale model. Contr.Atm.Phys, 72, 205-218.

Apurahat/Major stipendiary support for research

State stipendium of the Soviet Union for postgraduate studies at the department of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow State University, 1981-1983 (24 months).

Muut taidot/Other qualifications

Languages: Finnish, English, Russian (authorized translator from Russian to Finnish), Swedish, (Spanish)