CV Erik Gregow

Title Research Scientist

Postal address Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Meteorological Research, P.O.Box 503, FI-00101 Helsinki

Street address Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) Erik Palmenin aukio 1, 00560 Helsinki

Phone number +358 29 539 4167

Fax +358 29 539 4103

Fields of expertise

  • Numerical meso-scale modeling; LAPS- and MM5-model.
  • Precipitation; precipitation accumulation
  • Wind energy; wind power estimation in cold climate (icing), wind atlas


  • LAPS (Local Analysis and Prediction System) - model; High resolution analysis and forecast of areas such as bigger cities and their environments. Current developments: a) improved precipitation analysis, and b) wind power estimations in icing conditions.
  • MM5 (Meso-scale Model 5) - model; Meso-scale modeling of areas with complex terrain (coastlines, mountainous areas, valleys, cities etc.). MM5 is used within wind power estimations and to build up of wind atlases.

University and other degrees

  • Doctorial studies; Ph.D work has been started.

List of publications