Climate Research

Atmosphere and climate have changed several times during the c. 4,5 billion years history of Earth. Warm climates and ice ages have alternated. Nowadays climate change usually refers to the ongoing anthropogenic climate change and its consequences. In the Finnish Meteorological Institute, research is conducted to improve our knowledge about present, past and future climates as well as climate change and its mitigation.

Atmospheric and Ocean Modelling

The Atmospheric and Ocean Modelling group studies the physical and chemical processes, interactions and feedbacks in the climate system. Specific research topics include atmospheric aerosols, clouds and radiation, snow, atmosphere - ocean interactions, and advanced numerical methods for parameter optimization and data storage. The research is based on numerical modelling, from microphysical to global scale, and close collaboration with observational groups.

  • Head of group Hannele Korhonen, phone +358 40 8424 852.

Carbon Cycle Modelling

The Carbon Cycle  Modelling group studies the physical and chemical land surface processes and interactions and feedbacks between atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere. Specific research topics include carbon dioxide, methane and water fluxes and their reservoirs in vegetation and soil, transport in atmosphere, and model-data fusion using advanced numerical methods. The research is based on numerical modelling, from local to global scale with focus on northern regions, and close collaboration with observational groups.

  • Head of group Tuula Aalto phone: +358 50 5550 006.

Remote Sensing of Aerosols and Clouds

The Remote Sensing of Aerosols and Clouds group develops algorithms for the retrieval of aerosol and cloud properties, and surface reflectance, using data measured by radiometers on board satellites, in particular AATSR aboard ENVISAT and ATSR-2 aboard ERS-2. Results from these and other instruments (e.g., MERIS, MODIS, OMI and in the future SLSTR, OLCI, TROPOMI) are used in studies on the effects of aerosols on the Earth radiation balance, air quality, the occurrence of volcanic ash and on emissions of aerosols and their precursor gases. Together with satellite-retrieved cloud information the aerosol data are used in aerosol-cloud interaction studies and their effect on climate.

Ground-based measurements are made for validation of satellite products of aerosols and Ozone. The group has a strong expertise on measurements of ozone column concentrations and UV radiation. The latter is applied in studies of effects of UV radiation on material aging, health, plant growth and planning of build environment. Arctic research includes surface albedo measurements and effects of deposition of black carbon on snow properties.

  • Head of group Gerrit de Leeuw, phone +358 29 539 5532.

Contact information

Head of Unit
Professor Ari Laaksonen
tel. +358 29 539 5530

Climate and sea modelling
Head of Group Hannele Korhonen
tel. +358 29 539 2135


Carbon cycle modelling
Head of Group Tuula Aalto
tel. +358 29 539 5406


Remote sensing of aerosols and clouds
Head of Group Gerrit de Leeuw
tel. +358 29 539 5532


Research Administrator:
Noora Timperi
tel. +358 29 539 2373


fax +358 29 539 3503