Atmospheric radiation

The main interests and tasks of the group are:

  • Solar radiation measurements
  • Ground based and satellite based remote sensing of aerosols
  • Studying of the effects of aerosols to radiative transfer and climate by combining measurements and model data
  • Development of a global forecast and monitoring system

The group participates to international research collaboration within AERONET and SolRad-Net measurement networks. The related studies aim towards better understanding in aerosol properties and in the effects of aerosols to radiative transfer. Principally, the light originating from the sun is modified as it travels through the atmosphere. By measuring this solar radiation at ground level, it is possible to infer details of the aerosol concentrations and their properties that modified the radiation.

A map presenting smoke and forest fires in Finland and Russia on 8.8.2010

Right: a thick smoke plume originating from Russian forest fires was observed on the 8th of August 2010 by the MODIS satellite instrument (NASA Giovanni) above Finland and Russia. Left: Red color shows the locations of forest fires during 6th to 8th of August and the lines (HYSPLIT) show the origin of the air mass in Kuopio on the 8th. The instrumentation in Kuopio recorded high amounts of aerosols in the atmosphere on that day.

Further, the group makes efforts in developing a global monitoring system of ultraviolet radiation. This concerns the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), onboard NASA EOS Aura satellite that measures solar radiation scattered from the Earth. The scattered radiation contains information on the state of the atmosphere, which can be combined with radiative transfer models to produce estimates of UV intensity on ground level.

The group is involved in H2020 AURORA project, in the task to develop and implement an algorithm for the surface-UV radiation, which exploits measurements from Sentinel missions.


Antti Arola, PhD, Adj. Prof., Head of Group, Senior Scientist (remote sensing of aerosols, atmospheric radiative transfer) tel. +358 29539 2129, gsm +358 50 307 2131
Anders Lindfors, PhD, Adj. Prof., Senior Scientist (remote sensing of aerosols, atmospheric radiative transfer)
Antti Lipponen, PhD, Senior Scientist (statistical and computational inverse problems, remote sensing of aerosols)
Seethala Chellappan, PhD, Senior Scientist (remote sensing of aerosols and clouds, atmospheric radiative transfer)
William Wandji, PhD, Senior Scientist (remote sensing of aerosols, atmospheric radiative transfer)
Herman Böök, MSc, Scientist (atmospheric radiative transfer)
Mikko Pitkänen, MSc, Scientist (remote sensing of aerosols)

More information

Antti Arola, Senior Scientist, Head of Group
tel. +358 29539 2129
gsm +358 50 307 2131

Herman Böök, Scientist
Seethala Chellappan, Senior Scientist
Anders Lindfors, Senior Scientist
Antti Lipponen, Senior Scientist
Mikko Pitkänen, Scientist
William Wandji, Senior Scientist