Arctic Research


The Arctic Research Centre (ARC) at Sodankylä and Climate change research group in main office Helsinki form together FMI Arctic Research Division. Due to its high-latitude location ARC provides ideal facilities for versatile observations of arctic low temperature conditions. The environmental effects of human activities are most pronounced in the polar regions. The research work at ARC currently focuses in the polar ozone and arctic snow coverage under the influence of global warming. An additional feature specific for polar regions are auroras which the Helsinki group of Arctic Research division studies. FMI has conducted systematic auroral observations in the Finnish Lapland since late 1950's. Today observations are made with the MIRACLE network whose data have central role in the FMI's geospace research.

Arctic research of FMI has a long history as the Arctic Research Centre at Sodankylä dates back to the mid-nineteenth century when Societas Scientarum Fennica founded the first weather station at Sodankylä in 1858. Due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream the area is included in the boreal region. However, with regard to stratospheric meteorology, Sodankylä can be classified as an Arctic site, often lying beneath the middle or the edge of the stratospheric polar vortex and in the zone of polar stratospheric ozone depletion. Its strategic location, coupled with ready accessibility from all parts of the world, makes the FMI-ARC an excellent base for studying various themes of global change in a northern context.


Finnish Meteorological Institute
Arctic Researc Centre
Tähteläntie 62
FI-99600 Sodankylä

fax: +358 16 619 623


Head of Unit
Research Professor Jouni Pulliainen
phone: +358 29 539 4701

Research and Development of Observation and Measuring Systems
Head of group, Timo Sukuvaara
phone: +358 29 539 2715


Satellites and Observation Operations
Head of group, Timo Ryyppö
phone: +358 29 539 2717

Arctic Climate Change
Head of group, Kirsti Kauristie
phone: +358 29 539 4637

Research and Development of Satellite Services
Head of group, Jyri Heilimo
phone: +358 29 539 4684


Cryospheric processes and Satellite Observations
Head of group, Juha Lemmetyinen
phone: +358 29 539 2107

Secretary of International Tasks,
Riitta Aikio
phone: +358 29 539 2736