Climate applications

Mitigation of climate change and adaptation to the inevitable progression of it now require deeds more than words from all sectors of the society, both public and private actors. Especially important appropriate action is in fields with high dependency on weather and climate as well as when planning investments that last far to the future.

Functions that are related to winter are affected first due to uncertainty of onset of winter and due to the fact that winters are becoming milder. Gradually climate change is starting to affect also during the summer months.

Climate applications group of the Finnish Meteorological Institute produces tailored services for various sectors, focusing on:

  • information on the variability of present climate
  • climate change scenarios as well as
  • consultation on the use of such scenarios related to eg. risk analysis
  • educational services on climate change and its impacts
  • development of seasonal forecasts for high latitude purposes

Tailored climate applications can help various users answer e.g. the following questions:

  • How do your operations depend on weather and climate?
  • How does climate change affect your business?
  • What are the risks that climate change brings to your business?
  • What kind of opportunities does climate change offer?


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