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UV index forecast

North America and the Caribbean Central and South America Pacific Ocean Europe Far East and Polynesia Siberia and Japan Northern Africa Alaska and Canada Southern Africa Canada and Greenland Australia and New Zealand Northern Middle Asia Southern South America
Low Moderate High Very high Extreme Legend UV-index

Amsterdam Alger Jerevan Baku Brussels Sarajevo London Sofia Varna Kairo Madrid Barcelona Malaga Palma de Mallorca Las Palmas Tórshavn Tbilisi Bagdad Dublin Reykjavik Jerusalem Rome Monte Rosa Wien Ischgl Athens Rhodos Kuwait Nicosia Riga Beirut Tripoli Vaduz Vilnius Funchal Skopje Valletta Rabat Chishinau Oslo Lissabon Warsaw Paris Grenoble Bucharest Stockholm Åre Berlin San Marino Riyadh Beograd Ljubljana Helsinki Jokioinen Jyväskylä Kuopio Sodankylä Sotkamo Utö Tallinn Davos Copenhagen Prague Tunis Ankara Kiev Budapest Minsk Moscow

Sun protection is required when the UV index is 3 or higher. The forecast for the daily maximum UV index is valid for cloudless conditions. Only thick clouds attenuate the UV radiation considerably.

*) Locations with both forecast and observation data available.