Press release 12.4.2021

March was milder than usual

March this year was 1-2 degrees milder than usual in much of Finland. Precipitation in March did not deviate significantly from the average.
Photo: Heli Sariola

According to statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the average temperature in March ranged from just under two degrees Celsius in the Åland Islands to about seven degrees below zero in Central Lapland. The average temperature for the month was above normal in many areas. Temperatures were at normal levels mainly in the east and in Kainuu. In the southwest archipelago, the West Coast, and in the northwest part of Finnish Lapland, the average temperature was more than two degrees above that of the statistical comparison period 1981–2010, while in North Karelia it was near the average for the given period.

The highest temperature recorded in March was 14.6 degrees, at Jomala Jomalaby on March 23. The lowest temperature was in Kalliojoki in Kuhmo -38.9 degrees measured on the 9th of March.

Mild end of the month made snow melt

The amount of precipitation in March was about average or slightly below. Primarily in parts of Kainuu, precipitation was higher than average. The greatest increase was at the Puolanka Paljakka weather station where it rained 63.1 millimetres. The least amount of precipitation in March was 12.1 millimetres at the Isokari weather station in Kustavi. According to initial data, the greatest amount of precipitation in a 24-hour period, 20.4 millimetres, was measured at the Paljakka weather station on March 29th.

At the end of March there was no snow on the ground in the southwest of Finland and in Åland. Snow depth in other parts of Finland was still 10-90 cm. Snow was deepest at the end of the month in Kainuu and Kilpisjärvi. Compared with long-term averages there was less snow than usual in all parts of the country at the end of the month, and in parts of Central Lapland the snow level was exceptionally low. In early to mid-March there was more snow than usual especially in central areas, but the long mild spell caused the snow to melt to below-average levels.

The number of hours of sunshine was fairly normal in March.

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