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Vehicular networking and road weather services are tested in Sodankylä

Vehicular networking and road weather services are tested in Sodankylä

The aim is to employ road weather systems of FMI, RWS data as well as the data gathered from vehicles, into the up-to-date localized weather data delivered to the vehicles in real-time.

Research work related vehicular networking and road weather services are binded to our concept of interactive road weather station as a service hotspot road weather services and data collection.

FMI's combined Road Weather Station (RWS)/Road Side Unit (RSU) is acting as a central infrastructural element of such V2V and V2I communication platform, supported with areal infrastructure and observing vehicles. IEEE 802.11p based vehicular networking is the primary channel, supported with parallel traditional Wi-Fi and 3G communications. "In the future, 4G and 5G communication will be employed and tested as well", says head of group Timo Sukuvaara.  

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