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Toini storm in January 2017 brought nearly record-high waves in Baltic

Toini storm in January 2017 brought nearly record-high waves in Baltic

A fresh study at the Finnish Meteorological Institute examines extreme wave conditions in the Baltic Sea.

The storm Toini in January 2017 was the second time in the history of measurements that a significant wave height reached 8 metres.

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Researcher Jan-Victor Björkqvist, tel. +358 45 678 1204, jan-victor.bjorkqvist@fmi.fi

Björkqvist J.-V., Tuomi L., Tollman N., Kangas A., Pettersson H., Marjamaa R., Jokinen H. & Fortelius C. (2017): Brief communication: Characteristic properties of extreme wave events observed in the northern Baltic Proper, Baltic Sea. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 17, 1653-1658.




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