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More accurate road weather forecasts when radiation input is adjusted

More accurate road weather forecasts when radiation input is adjusted

Forecasts for road surface temperatures can be improved considerably by correcting the radiation input. Accurate forecasts for road surface temperatures are important as, when it is possible to anticipate the freezing of the road surface, roads can be salted in time and motorists warned about the slippery conditions. Accurate forecasts therefore improve road safety and generate savings as unnecessary salting can be avoided. The objective of this recently published study was to investigate how correcting the radiation input could best be used in the Finnish Meteorological Institute's road weather model.

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Tutkija Virve Karsisto, virve.karsisto@fmi.fi

Karsisto, V., P. Nurmi, M. Kangas, M. Hippi, C. Fortelius, S. Niemelä, ja H. Järvinen, 2016: Improving road weather model forecasts by adjusting the radiation input. Meteor. Appl., 23, 503-513, doi:10.1002/met.1574.



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