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Mars MetNet Lander – a new type of spacecraft to explore Mars

Mars MetNet Lander – a new type of spacecraft to explore Mars

To gain an understanding of the Martian atmosphere, a network of meteorological observation stations is required on the Martian surface, just like on the Earth.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has in cooperation with Russian and Spanish research institutes developed a light Mars MetNet lander that can be used in a variety of ways to study the Martian atmosphere.

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Researcher Ari-Matti Harri,

Ari-Matti Harri1, Konstantin Pichkadze2, Lev Zeleny3, Luis Vazquez5, Walter Schmidt1, Sergey Alexashkin2, Oleg Korablev3, Hector Guerrero4, Jyri Heilimo1, Mikhail Uspensky1, Valery Finchenko2, Vyacheslav Linkin3, Ignacio Arruego4, Maria Genzer1, Alexander Lipatov3, Jouni Polkko1, Mark Paton1, Hannu Savijärvi8, Harri Haukka1, Tero Siili1, Vladimir Khovanskov2, Boris Ostesko2, Andrey Poroshin6, Marina Diaz-Michelena4, Timo Siikonen7, Matti Palin7, Viktor Vorontsov2, Alexander Polyakov2, Francisco Valero5, Osku Kemppinen1, Jussi Leinonen1, and Pilar Romero5Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 6, 103-124, 2017


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