Resources available for the modeling activities

Emission models

  • STEAM: Ship Traffic Emission Assessment Model

  • FORE (Forecasting Of Road dust Emissions) and NORTRIP (NOn-exhaust Road TRaffic Induced Particle emissions)

Exposure model

  • EXPAND: EXposure model for Particulate matter And Nitrogen oxiDes

Pre-processing model

  • MPP-FMI: Meteorological Pre-Processing model

Local scale dispersion models

  • UDM-FMI: dispersion model for stationary point, area and volume sources

  • CAR-FMI: line source dispersion model for road traffic emissions

  • OSPM: street canyon model

  • FMI-ENFUSER: ENvironmental information FUsion SErvice

  • ESCAPE: Expert System for Consequence Analysis and Preparing for Emergencies

  • PALM: a PArallelized Large-eddy simulation Model for atmospheric and oceanic flows

Integrated modeling systems

  • the Urban Dispersion Modelling System (UDMS) including MPP-FMI, CAR-FMI and UDM-FMI models

  • the Urban Air Quality Forecast System (UAQFS) including CAR-FMI and FORE models, and utilizes HIRLAM and SILAM forecasts

Regional and global scale models

  • SILAM: Air quality and emergency modelling system