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Climate change must be taken into account in forestry

Climate change must be taken into account in forestry

Rising temperatures and changes in levels of precipitation will have an impact on forestry in the future.

A report commissioned by UPM-Kymmene as assessed how the climate can be expected to change in four of the company's key areas of operations: Finland, Southern Germany, Uruguay and Eastern China.

All of the 28 climate models used in the study predicted that temperatures will rise in the future, although the size of the temperature change varied between the models. In the areas under consideration, levels of precipitation mostly increased.

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Ari Venäläinen, Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Meteorological Institute,, tel. +358 50 3137185

The research has been published in the FMI Reports series and is available online.

Venäläinen, A., Ruosteenoja, K. and Lehtonen, I., 2019. Projections of future climate for Europe, Uruguay and China with implications on forestry. Finnish Meteorological Institute, Reports 2019:3.

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