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Air pollution has little impact on rain in Southern Africa

Air pollution has little impact on rain in Southern Africa

Pollution in the form of particles has only a slight impact on precipitation in Southern Africa. According to a study, natural variation affects total precipitation in the area more than fine particles do.

The researchers simulated how fine particles affect precipitation in the climate of Southern Africa. Most of the results were not statistically significant in evaluating the whole area of Southern Africa. Regional differences in different simulations nevertheless were mainly the opposite to the assumption according to which a warming climate would lead dry areas to become drier while rainy areas would get more rain.

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Senior Scientist Svante Henriksson, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel. +358 50 408 7900,             

Henriksson, S. V. et al.: Simulating effects of aerosols on rainfall in southern Africa; Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health 12, 2019:

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