Radar and Space Technology

Radar and Space Technology -group develops methods for the detection of rain, convection and many other atmospheric phenomena with weather radars and lightning location systems. The group is also responsible of the design, implementation and operation of new satellites.

Weather radar research is focused on the design of new innovative methods for the detection of several atmospheric phenomena, including hydrometeors, birds and insects based on dual polarization weather radars. Also, new methods are developed especially for the better warning of dangerous weather phenomena like thunderstorms and lightning. The group is cooperating internationally in many scientific projects.

Precipitation areas detected with weather radars (courtesy: NASA).

Planetary and space missions are designed and implemented at the Radar and Space Technology -group. Examples of space missions are Mars Express -sounder and MetNet -lander, which both are aimed for the better understanding of the Martian ground and atmospheric properties. Also, comet and asteroids are part of the group interests.