Projects of the Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling group


  • EmblA (2014-2019). Nordic Center of Excellence on Ensemble-based Methods for Environmental Monitoring and Prediction. NordForsk. Project description.

  • NordicWelfAir (2015-2019). Understanding the link between Air pollution and Distribution of related Health Impacts and Welfare in the Nordic countries. Project website.

  • Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service CAMS (2015...). CAMS website.

CAMS 50 An air quality ensemble modelling system over Europe

CAMS 81 Global and regional emissions

CAMS 95 Personalised Allergy SYmptom FOrecasting (PASYFO)

  • EU/AIRCOAT (2018-2021). Air Induced friction Reducing ship COATing. Horizon 2020 framework project. Project description.

  • EU/beAWARE (2017-2019). Enhancing decision support and management services in extreme weather climate events. Project website.

  • EU/EnviSuM/BSR-Interreg (2016-2019). Environmental impact of low emissions shipping: measurements and modelling strategies. Project description. Project website.

  • EU/EUNADICS-AV (2016-2019). European Natural Airborne Diasaster Information and Coordination System for Aviation. Project website.

  • EU/ERA4CS URban CLIMate services URCLIM (2017-2020). Project description.

  • EU/ERA4CS Integrated services and approaches for assessing effects of climate change and extreme events for fire risk prevention SERV_FORFIRE (2017-2020). Project description.

  • EU/BlueSky (2017-2019). A commercial platform providing operational Air Quality services using EO data. Information in CORDIS data base.

  • EU/EOPEN (2017-2020). opEn interOperable Platform for unified access and analysis of Earth observatioN data. Project information. Information in CORDIS data base.

  • EU/EXHAUSTION (2019-2023). Shipping contributions to inland pollution push for the enforcement of regulations. Information in CORDIS data base.

  • EU/HOPE (2018-2021) Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone. HOPE project page on the EU Urban Innovative Actions site. Project web site. Project twitter.

  • EU/HYPERION (2019-2022). Exposure to heat and air pollution in EUrope – cardiopulmonary impacts and benefits of mitigation and adaptation. Information in CORDIS data base.

  • EU/PANOPTIS (2018-2021) Development of a Decision Support System for increasing the Resilience of Transportation Infrastructure based on combined use of terrestrial and airborne sensors and advanced modelling tools. Information in CORDIS data base.

  • EU/PAPILA (2018-2021). Prediction of air pollution in Latin America and the Caribbean. Project description. Information in CORDIS data base.

  • EU/SCIPPER (2019-2022). Shipping contributions to inland pollution push for the enforcement of regulations. Information in CORDIS data base.

  • NMR/CarboNord (2014-2017). Impact of black carbon on air quality and climate in Northern Europe and Arctic.

  • NMR/EPITOME (2016-2019). Emissions from ships and the impacts on human health and environment in the Nordic - now and in the future. Project information.

  • Academy of Finland BioDiv-Support (2018-2022). Scenario-based decision support for policy planning and adaptation to future changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services. Project web site.

  • Academy of Finland/PS4A (2018-2022). Advanced study of Pollen, Spores, and air pollutants for predicting the human Allergy. Funding decision.

  • Academy of Finland and Russian Foundation of Basic Research/ClimEco (2018-2020). Mechanisms, pathways and patchiness of the Arctic ecosystem responses and adaptation to changing climate. Project description. Funding decision.

  • TEKES/Vaisala (2017-2019). Piloting new pollution monitoring and control technologies - Nanjing air quality testbed. Project information.


  • SA/Atanasova (2017-2020). Sources, transport and viability of microbes in the atmosphere. Funding decision (in Finnish).

  • SA/GLORIA (2017-2021). Global health risks related to atmospheric composition and weather.

  • Palosuojelurahasto Tulipaloissa muodostuvien savukaasujen leviämisen arviointi pelastuspalvelujen tarpeisiin 2017-2019

  • SAFIR/EXWE. The Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Power Plant Safety 2015-2018. SAFIR2018 website.

  • MATINE (2017). Vaarallisen päästölähteen nopea paikantaminen ja vaikutusalueen määrittäminen kaupunkiympäristössä (LEScape). Puolustusministeriö.

  • Helsinki metropolitan Air Quality Testbed (HAQT) (2017-2019). ATMOS-lehden artikkeli aiheesta. HAQT website.

  • Trafi/ShipNOEm. Annual computation of maritime emissions in the Baltic Sea area.


Recently finished


  • EU/ASIST (2014-2018). Air-Sea Interactions under Stormy and Hurricane Conditions: Physical Models and Applications to Remote Sensing. Project descriptionInformation in CORDIS data base.
  • BONUS/SHEBA (2015-2018). Sustainable shipping and environment of the Baltic Sea region. Project description. Project website.
  • ePIN (2015-2017). Automatic Bavarian Pollen Monitoring Network. Press release. Project information.
  • ICI/India (2014-2016). Climate Modelling and Observations in India. Project description.
  • EU/CompMon (2014-2016). Compliance monitoring pilot for Marpol Annex VI. Project website.
  • EU/MarcoPolo (2013-2016). Monitoring and Assessment of Regional air quality in China using space Observations, Project Of Long-term sino-european co-Operation. Project website.
  • EU/GlobEmission (2011-2016). GlobEmission Service Development of the Data User Element programme of ESA. Final report. Project website.
  • EU/TRANSPHORM (2011-2015). Transport related Air Pollution and Health impacts - Integrated Methodologies for Assessing Particulate Matter. Project website.
  • EU/Copernicus User Uptake (2012-2014). User Uptake website.
  • EU/Pegasos (2011-2014). Pan-European Gas-AeroSOls-climate interaction Study. Project website.
  • EU/PESCaDO (2010-2012). Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration. Project description.
  • EERA, 2016. Health Impacts of Delaying MARPOL Annex VI Implementation in International Shipping. Final Report.
  • MACC III (2014-2015). Monitoring of Atmospheric Composition and Climate, Interim Implementation. EU Horizon 2020. Project website.
  • ESA/ATILA (2012-2015) Atmospheric Impact of Launchers. ESA. Project description.
  • ESA/SMASH (2012-2015). Study on an end-to-end system for volcanic ash plume monitoring and prediction. Project information.
  • ESA/VAST (2012-2015) Volcanic Ash Strategic-initiative Team. ESA. Project website.


  • VNK TEAS/IHKU (2017). Ilmansaasteiden haittakustannusmalli Suomelle (IHKU). Hanke-esittely.
  • VNK/MERSU (2016-2017). Merenkulun sääntely ja Suomen elinkeinoelämä (MERSU). Hanke-esittely.
  • TEKES/HyperGlobal (2015-2017). The environmental efficiency of maritime and offshore activities - Global service through hyperspectral imaging. Project information.
  • TEKES/INKA-ILMA (2015-2017). Ulkoilman laatuun ja väestön terveyteen liittyvän uusimman osaamisen ja innovaatiotoiminnan vauhdittaminen (INKA-ILMA/EAKR). TEKES/INKA-ohjelman kuvausEuroopan aluekehitysrahasto/INKA-ILMA.
  • TEKES/Cityzer (2016-2018). Services for effective decision making and environmental resilience. Project website.
  • SA/KAMON (2014-2018). Kara-Arctic Monitoring and Operation Planning Platform. Academy of Finland. Project description.
  • SA/Batman (2015-2018). Environmental impact assessment of airborne particulate matter: the effects of abatement and management strategies (BATMAN). Academy of Finland. Project description.
  • SA/ABBA (2014-2017). Atmosphere-hydrosphere interaction in the Baltic Basin and Arctic Seas. Academy of Finland. Project description.
  • SA/APTA (2013-2017). The Influence of Air Pollution, Pollen and Ambient Temperature on Asthma and Allergies in Changing Climate. Academy of Finland. Project website.
  • YM-TEAS/NOx (2016). Ilmaperäisen typpikuorman tarkennettu arvio Suomen merialueille.
  • SmartPollen (2014-2015) Operational system for pollen forecast production. TEKES. Siitepölytiedotus
  • SA/A4 (2012-2015). Arctic Absorbing Aerosols and Albedo of Snow. Academy of Finland. Project webpage.
  • SA/ASTREX (2011-2014) Advanced Analysis of Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange. Academy of Finland.
  • CLEEN/MMEA, The Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment (MMEA) research program. TEKES. MMEA final report.