NORDMET is co-operation between the Nordic National Meteorological Services in the field of Infrastructure. Aim is to achieve better cost efficiency by sharing resources in such areas as observation, information management, product development, production, training and education.

Nordmet Co-operation agreement was established in 1998. Danish Meteorological Institute joined the agreement as last of the Nordic countries in 2001.


NORDMET council is the supreme decision-making body.  The council consists of the Director Generals of the Nordic national weather services. The council convenes at least ones a year to review ongoing activities, decide on new activities to be started. The Council nominates members for the NORDMET Steering Committee. NORDMET Steering Committee's tasks include:

  • Executing Council's decisions

  • Reporting the Council on running activities

  • Preparing initiatives and proposing new activities to the Council

  • Appointing activity managers

  • Reviewing plans and progress reports

  • Monitoring the allocated resources

  • Approving multilateral Yearly Agreements and Special Agreements

Work in Nordmet is divided into production, working groups and Activities.


Activities NordAvimet NORDKLIM Use of Probabilities in the Forecasting Process Co-operation in the field of nuclear accidents NORA

Working Groups Ozone and UV-monitoring Model Selection NORDSAT Private Area