Crowdsourced observations with FMI Weather Application

Our free Weather smart phone application FMI Weather allows users to make their own observations and follow weather observations reported by other users.

The FMI Weather application allows each user to monitor observations made by other users in the map view over the past seven days.

You can report your observations on the following weather phenomena

  • Wind damage – did severe weather bring down trees?
  • Flood – has heavy rain cut the road off or is the cellar/basement full of water
  • Hail – how large were the hailstones you saw?
  • Tornado – was the vortex over land or water?
  • Fog – does fog disrupt boating and other activities?
  • Is there precipitation or not? – is there precipitation where you are right now?
  • Thunder and lightning – did you see lighting or hear thunder?
  • Water surface temperature – where do you find the best temperatures for swimming?
  • Weather induced road traffic disturbance – are weather conditions making it difficult to drive?
  • Snow depth - how much is there snow around you?
  • Ice thinkness - how much is there ice on lake or sea?
  • Slippery pedestrian weather - is the sidewalk dangerously slippery?

How to download the FMI Weather app?

My observation is its own section inside FMI Weather application. It works on Android devices with have at least version 5.0 and on Apple devices which have at least version 9.0 of iOS.