Tiksi EC mast. Photo: Tuomas Laurila

Coordinates: N71°35.791', E128°53.327' Altitude (m.a.s.l): 19 Ecosystem type: Tundra (permafrost) Networks: Station web-page: Hydrometeorological Observatory of Tiksi


  • CO₂-flux (EC at 3 m since 07/2010)

  • CH₄-flux (EC at 3 m since 05/2011)

  • CO₂ concentration (at 10 m since 07/2010)

  • CH₄ concentration (at 10 m since 07/2013)

  • Supporting environmental data: Air temperature + humidity, soil temperature, soil heat flux, soil moisture, water level height, PPFD, global radiation, albedo, net radiation


Climate data point (2 km of EC): WMO: 21824 Average temperature (°C): -12.7 Annual precipitation (mm): 323 Average snow depth at mid-March (cm): 8 Median snow cover start date: - Median snow cover end date: -


Permafrost: Continuous Vegetation type: Sedges, shrubs and mosses Mean vegetation height (m): < 0.2 Max projected LAI: - Soil type: Peat / mineral soil Stand volume (m³ ha⁻¹): - Tree density (ha⁻¹): - Tree age (years): -