CV Riika Ylitalo

Title Research Engineer, M.Sc.(Tech)
Postal address
Street address Arctic Research Centre, Tähteläntie 62, 99600 Sodankylä, Finland
Phone number +358 40 162 0820

Fields of expertise

  • Vehicular networking

  • Road weather services

  • Telecommunications

  • Ground based measurement systems and equipment

  • Optical fibre networks

  • Mining


Celtic Plus CoMoSeF

University and other degrees

  • Student at University of Oulu, The department of process and environmental engineering, mining, 2011-

  • Master of Science (Technology), University of Oulu, The department of electrical engineering, telecommunications laboratory, 2008

Previous professional appointments

Laboratory engineer, Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory 2008 - 2009

Other professional activities


List of publications

Timo Sukuvaara, Kari Mäenpää, Riika Ylitalo, Pertti Nurmi and Evgeny Atlaskin, "Interactive Local Road Weather Services through VANET-capable Road Weather Station", in proceedings of 20TH World Congress on ITS, October 14-19, 2013, Tokyo, Japan.

Timo Sukuvaara, Riika Ylitalo and Marcos Katz, " IEEE 802.11p based vehicular networking operational pilot field measurement", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications , Vol. 31, No. 9, September  2013, pp 409-418.

Kari Mäenpää, Timo Sukuvaara, Riika Ylitalo, Pertti Nurmi and Evgeny Atlaskin, " Road Weather Station acting as a wireless service hotspot for vehicles", in proceedings of 9th International conference on Intelligent computer Communication (ICCP 2013), September 5-7, 2013, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Timo Sukuvaara and Riika Ylitalo, "IEEE 802.11p Vehicular networking system in WiSafeCar project", in proceedings of 19TH World Congress on ITS, October 22-26, 2012, Vienna, Austria.

Timo Sukuvaara, Pertti Nurmi, Marjo Hippi, Riika Ylitalo, Darya Stepanova, Pekka Eloranta, Laura Riihentupa and Kimmo Kauvo, "Wireless Traffic Safety Network for Incident and Weather Information", in proceedings of The 14th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems, October 31- November 4, 2011 Miami Beach, FL, USA.

Timo Sukuvaara and Riika Autio, "IEEE 802.11p vehicular networking field measurements", in proceedings of ITS European conference, June 6-9, 2011, Lyon. France.