CV Marke Hongisto neé Mannonen ex Reinikainen

Title Senior research scientist


Postal address PL 503, FI-00101 Helsinki

Street address Erik Palménin aukio 1, FI-00560 Helsinki

Phone number +358 29 539 3150; +358 50 539 8693

Fields of expertise

  • Linear and nonlinear multi-goal optimization of energy and environment systems
  • Nuclear and reactor engineering and mathematics
  • Dynamical 3D transport and chemical transformation models for compounds emitted in atmosphere at regional and local scales (backward and forward simulations, trajectory analysis)
  • Meteorological pre-processors for meteorological forecast models for estimating ABL height and Monin-Obukhov-parameters for chemistry transport models.
  • Meteorological and emission data bases for model Hilatar,
  • Estimating the atmospheric load to the Baltic Sea for several compounds
  • Numerical process solvers, statistical analysis, data bases, data conversions, graphics etc. practical programming using all kind of calculation systems from supercomputers to PC:s
  • Theoretical and experimental teaching of students in physics, nuclear technology and reactor engineering and guiding of special works in the 1970-1980's; teaching of experts in meteorology and air quality (2006)
  • Planning and management of EU-, NMR-, SA-, ministry- and Nessling-foundation financed projects


  • I have worked in the FMI research teams in several projects for estimating emissions to air and air pollution of Finland, Baltic Sea area, Russia and Estonia. I was the FMI principal investigator in the EUREKA, EUROTRAC I, Transport modelling over Sea Areas, 1988-1995 and in the EU MAST research program for regional seas: BASYS (Baltic Sea System Study) subproject air pollution load, 1997-1999. I was the FMI responsible partner in the marine projects: Measurements and model-based quantification of the atmospheric nutrient input to the Baltic Sea and its role in eutrophication and phytoplankton growth and NOCOMMENTS (Nordic COMmunity Model for Environmental Tasks in the Seas), linked to the project Marine Eutrophication in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, in co-operation with Danish, Swedish, Estonian, Russian and Finnish meteorological and marine scientists. I was the responsible FMI participant in the NMR project of SARA Sensitivity analysis of Eulerian models, 1998-2000 and the leader of the Nessling project Quantifying of Alcalic load of Estonian Power plants 1999-2001. I have participated some other environmental forest and marine projects (State of Forest in Satakunta, Pro Saaristomeri, the UN/ECE ICP Vegetation: heavy metals in mosses survey 2000/01), I started also a project aiming at installation of the MM5 model at the FMI. In 2006 I worked for the EU Phare project Procurement of services for the institutional strengthening in preparation for upgrading of Lithuanian meteorological network. In 2005-2008 I was the FMI PI leader in the EU project eLUP Simulating Land-use Processes – an interactive e-tool for SIA (sustainable impact assessment). I was the responsible modelling partner in the ship-emission related Interreg-projects ShipNODeff around 2007-2009 and SNOOP 2011-2013. In 2014 I'm participating the Tekes financed open access data project Cleen-MMEA.

University and other degrees

  • 1981 M. Sc. (Tech), physics, Helsinki University of Technology
  • 1986 Lic. Techn., physics. Helsinki University of Technology
  • 2003 Dr. Techn., physics. Helsinki University of Technology
  • 1970's and 1980's Studies in astronomy, meteorology, developing countries and drawing University of Helsinki

Previous professional appointments

  • 1978 Research trainee, 3 months at the Eidgenossiches Institut fűr Reaktorforschung, Wűrenlingen, Schwizerland
  • 1977-1985 assistant in various courses in physics, mathematics, reactor physics and reactor technology, including theoretical and laboratory courses and teaching of foreign student groups, as researcher, research scientist and laboratory engineer, with special own study interest in development of linear and nonlinear optimization models for the Finnish Energy sector. Laboratory of Nuclear and Energy Technology in the Department of Technical Physics at the Technical University of Helsinki
  • 1986-1987 construction of model for estimating optimal sulphur reduction strategies for the Finnish Industry and energy production system with non-linear multi-goal optimization package (Minos), Finnish Meteorological Institute, Air Quality research
  • 1988-2014 developing of dynamic simulation models of air pollution and air chemistry, using measurements, weather prediction fields and various meteorological pre-processors for atmospheric stability, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Air Quality research

List of publications