CV Ari Venäläinen

Ari Venäläinen

Title Senior Research Scientist


Postal address Finnish Meteorological Institute, P.O. Box 503 FI-00101 HELSINKI

Street address Erik Palménin aukio 1, FI-00560 HELSINKI

Phone number +358 29 539 4142

Fax +358 29 539 3146

Fields of expertise

  • Applied climatological research
  • Agricultural and forest meteorology
  • Development cooperation
  • Climate change impact studies
  • Soil moisture, drought, forest fire danger estimation
  • Impacts of weather and climate on road transport and energy systems


  • Strategic Research Council "Sustainable, climate-neutral and resource-efficient forest-based bioeconomy (FORBIO)", 2015–2017 (PI at FMI, the whole consortium is coordinated by UEF)
  • Academy of Finland "Study on risk management of extreme weather related disasters and climate change adaptation in Malawi and Zambia (SAFE-MET)", 2013–2014 (PI)
  • Fire Protection Fund "The probability of large forest fires in Finland", 2015–2016 (PI)
  • Academy of Finland "Adaptation of forest management to climate change: uncertainties, impacts and risks to forests and forestry in Finland (ADAPT)", 2012–2016
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland "Ilmapuskuri", 2012–2016, (PI at FMI, the whole project was coordinated by LUKE)
  • EU FP7 "Forest fires under climate, social and economic changes in Europe, the Mediterranean and other fire-affected areas of the world (FUME)", 2010–2013 (PI at FMI, the project was coordinated by UCLM)
  • Project Manager in SADC Meteorology Project Inception Base based in Pretoria, South Africa, 2010. The project was funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Development cooperation projects: ICI FINTAJ "Finnish-Tajikistan Meteorology Project" (2014–2016), Asian Development Bank project "Water and Adaptation Interventions in Central and West Asia-TA7533" (2011-2012), Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) project "Strengthening the resilience of people living in high risk urban and semi-urban areas to weather related disasters in Malawi and Mozambique" (2012-2014), ICI FINUZ "Promoting Modernisation of Meteorological and Hydrological Services in Central Asia" (2012-2013), Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland study "Adaptation to climate change, A review of activities in Mozambique and Zambia" (2011)
  • Project manager 2007–2009, 2013 "Extreme weather and nuclear power plants, EXWE", the project was part of SAFIR2010 and SAFIR 2014 research programs
  • Academy of Finland project "Silvicultural strategies for managing wind- and snow-induced risks in forestry (SilviRisks)", 2001–2004. The Project was coordinated by Prof. S.Kellomäki (University of Joensuu)
  • Maj and Tor Nessling foundation project "The influence of forest harvesting and reindeer farming on local climate at timberline", 2001–2003 (PI)
  • The further development of the Finnish forest fire index. The project was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Interior. 2003–2004 (PI)
  • EU projects SPREAD (2002–2004), FIRELAB (2003-2006) and PREVIEW (2005-2008); ENSEMBELES (2004-2009)
  • The Finnish Climate adaptation research programme's (ISTO) subproject ACCLIM (2006–2009) and Finnish Climate Research Programme, SILMU (1992–1995)

University and other degrees

  • 1998: PhD (Meteorology), University of Helsinki
  • 2004: Docent (Meteorology), University of Helsinki

Previous professional appointments

  • 2009 December – 2010 December, Project Manager, SADC Meteorology Project Inception Base (based in Pretoria, South Africa)
  • 2008 January – 2009 November, Head of "Climate research and applications" group, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • 2004 February – 2007 December, Head of "Climate Service" group, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • 1991 August - 2004 February, Senior researcher, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • 1988 June – 1991 May, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) regional data processing expert in SADCC-countries (based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
  • 1984–1988 May, Researcher, Finnish Meteorological Institute

List of publications

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