- one portal for diverse climate change information online since October 2011

Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Aalto University Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (YTK) co-operatively produced a -portal. The portal organises diverse and fragmented climate change information into a more uniform format under one web-portal. By the same token, it aims at offering practical tools for local and municipal planning and decision-making. The portal provides means of examining local scale impact of climate change. was created in a three year EU Life+ project (LIFE07 INF/FIN/000152 CCCRP) co-ordinated by the FMI. This project has ended. The portal is continuously updated and developed by FMI, SYKE and YTK. The Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Sitra - The Finnish Innovation Fund support operations.

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Achievements of the project:

  • year 2009: design phase
  • February 2009: Press release (pdf)
  • June 2009: workshop on web tools for communicating climate change information (link to web page)
  • September 2009: Inception report to the European Commission (link to pdf-document)
  • September 2009: survey on user needs (link to pdf-document)
  • September 2009: detailed implementation plan (link to MS Excel-worksheet)
  • May 2010: a brochure and a poster (both in Finnish) at the Fifth National Climate Conference of the Municipalities
  • une 2010: Mid-term report to the European Commission (link to pdf-document)
  • June 2010: technical pilot version with a sample of the contents demonstrated, see the front page of the Finnish version of the (
  • June 2010: first testing session of the pilot by officials of the City of Rovaniemi
  • September 2010: presented at the Municipality Fair (handout)
  • October 2010: presented at the Environment Fair
  • October 2010: presented at the Clim-ATIC climate change conference on impacts and adaptation in northern peripheral regions ( poster)
  • November 2010: Promotional site launched
  • October 2011: Finnish version ( released
  • Sep 2011 - Jan 2012: regional and thematical workshops for local authorities
  • Jan 2012: the project has ended
  • April 2012: final report of the CCCRP-project has been submitted

Coming in 

  • June 2012: English ( and Swedish ( versions released
  • June 2012: Tool for solutions in Community Response Wizard released

An easy-to-use web tool

Supporting the society and citizens is the starting point for the -portal. It enhances general awareness and knowledge on climate change and related phenomena. Educational institutes can take advantage of the portal as a source of education material as well. The portal will be maintained in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Structure and scope of the portal

The portal consists of several web-tools to enlighten different viewpoints of climate change:

  • Climate Change Explained Wizard - an e-learning component to explain the background and mechanisms of climate change,
  • Maps, graphs and data wizard to illustrate the present and future climate and climate change impacts in Finland,
  • Community Response Wizard - a web-tool for local scale planning, decision making and actions of adaptation and mitigation in municipalities.

One portal for fragmented climate change information

Climate change information is produced by different actors. Combining the diverse information and assessing the reliability of it can be difficult for a layman. The -portal compiles and standardises fragmented climate change information to provide a more coherent picture of climate change. Within one portal, climate change data and information will be examinable and comparable.

Welcome to participate

In addition to FMI, SYKE and TKK/YTK, also other research institutions are welcomed to participate in the content production!

Contact us:

Mr. Juha A. Karhu
Project manager

mobile +358 50 359 2183