Arctic Council chairmanship

During Finland's two-year-long chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the Finnish Meteorological Institute wants to raise awareness of Finland's current knowledge and experience of the Arctic region, its special characteristics, its challenges, and the dramatic climate change currently taking place there.

Climate change is clearly taking place faster in the Arctic region than anywhere else. With climate change, travel, shipping and the utilisation of natural resources will also increase in the Arctic region, which will increase the demand for both observational data on the Arctic environment and services.

Finland is one of the world's most northern societies with permanent settlements, so challenging natural conditions are familiar to Finns. In order to enable the society to run its operations efficiently despite the snow and freezing temperatures, there is a need for weather observations, research and services to allow different actors to prepare for weather fluctuations. The Finnish Meteorological Institute focuses on improving the smooth and safe functioning of society using new information and communication technologies. This expertise will be needed in the future at ever higher latitudes.

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