Scientific resources of the Air-Sea Interaction group

The research group uses the following research resources:

  • 14 tide gauges (mareographs) on the Finnish coast

  • 4 movable pressure tide gauges

  • 5 fixed wave buoys in the Baltic Sea moored in the ice free season

  • 3 wave buoys for campaign studies

  • Research vessel Aranda (owned by the Finnish Environment Institute) with full marine and air-sea interaction observation instrumentation including standard meteorological measurements, waves, fluxes and pCO2. Instrumentation contains e.g. CO2 gas analyzers, sea water pCO2 instruments, motion package, small wave buoys, microwave altimeter and capacitance wave gauge.

  • Wave and sea level models: e.g. WAM, Stochastic wave ray refraction model etc.

  • Utö atmospheric and marine research station with a wide range of atmospheric and marine observations including meteorology, air quality, atmospheric optics, waves, flows, and physical, chemical and biological properties of the sea water.

The group also actively participates in Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure FINMARI including all main marine research infrastructures of research institutes and universities in Finland.