Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Finnish Meteorological Institute evaluates the Institute's research and development work at general level and supports the Institute's strategic planning.

The Advisory Board of the Finnish Meteorological Institute

  • Chair: Professor Mari Walls, (1.1.2019: President of Tampere University)
  • Vice Chair: Director of Unit Sanna Ruuskanen, Ministry of Transport and Communications

Other members:

  • Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri, University of Helsinki
  • CEO Raine Luojus, Air Navigation Services Finland Oy
  • Research Director Laura Höijer, Ministry of the Environment
  • Director General Mia Nykopp, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi
  • Director Jouko Jokinen, Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)
  • Under-Secretary of State Petri Peltonen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
  • Brigadier General Harri Ohra-aho, Finnish Defence Forces
  • Director General Juhani Damski, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Account Manager Kari Österberg, Finnish Meteorological Institute (personnel representative)
  • Executive Assistant to FMI's director general, Joanna Saarinen (secretary of the advisory board)