Nordic Co-operation and Co-operation with the Baltic countries

Nordic Co-operation

Co-operation between the Nordic countries has a long tradition.One of the most important projects starting as a Nordic co-operation has been the development of the HIRLAM Model (High Resolution Limited Area Model). HIRLAM is a European cooperative scientific programme developing a high resolution numerical weather prediction system for the synoptic scale and the mesoscale., which is used to improve the reliability of one to two days regional forecasts. The model development is continuing and later some other European countries have joined in the co-operation.

Another important project has been NORDRAD co-operation for the exchange and composition of timely weather radar data.

The Nordic Directors have regular meetings yearly and the Nordic Meteorological Meeting NMM gathers meteorologists from all Nordic countries every second year for a week to a seminar.


NORDMET is co-operation between the Nordic National Meteorological Services in the field of Infrastructure. The aim is to achieve better cost efficiency by sharing resources in such areas as observation, information management, product development, production, training and education. The co-operation agreement was established in 1998.

Co-operation with the Baltic countries

The co-operation with the meteorological and hydrological institutes of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania started in the beginning of the 90's and has continued since then.

BALTRAD is an example of an important project carried out including also other stakeholders than the meteorological institutes.

The overall objective of BALTRAD is to create a sustainable weather radar network for the Baltic Sea Region, operating in real-time, with high-quality data, and with demonstrated value to forecasters and decision-makers. This requires harmonization of practices such as creating common communications protocols, shared database technologies, and a common production framework.

The technology developed by and for BALTRAD will be proposed as the standard for exchanging weather radar data in the World Meteorological Organization Information System (WIS).


BALTRAD (also in Russian)