Climate Service Centre

The Climate Service Centre unit at the Finnish Meteorological Institute was established in 2014 and currently employs approximately 35 people. The Centre offers tailored climate applications and studies weather and climate, and their socio-economic aspects. Furthermore, its aim is to diversify the range of customer-oriented climate change services and to provide reliable and high-quality information regarding climate change.

Research areas and other activities

  • The Weather and Climate Research group studies the regional features of the past, present and projected climate in Finland and surrounding areas. The purpose is to produce information on the changing climate, socially significant weather phenomena and their impacts.
  • The Socio-economic Impact Research group studies various socio-economic aspects of weather, climate and climate change in Finland, Europe and globally. The purpose of our research is to support and promote society's resilience and adaptive capacity to respond to weather and climate risks, and climate change, and to assess benefits and costs of weather and climate services.
  • The Climate Applications group is responsible for product development of quality controlled climate services. It also maintains web portal. The group participates in domestic and international climate research and consulting projects, provides climate statistics, and studies e.g. the usability of seasonal forecasts and reanalysis in weather and climate services.


Recently ended projects

Contact information

Head of Unit
Dr. Hilppa Gregow

tel. +358 29 539 3510


Research administrator
Suvi-Elina Kalliola

tel. +358 50 433 8717


Research Professor
Dr. Adriaan Perrels

tel. +358 50 583 8575


Weather and climate research:
Head of Group, Scientist
Dr. Antti Mäkelä

tel. +358 50 3011988


Socio-economic impact research:
Head of Group, Scientist
Dr. Heikki Tuomenvirta

tel. +358 29 539 4122
fax: +358 29 539 3503


Climate applications:
Head of Group, Scientist
Dr. Andrea Vajda

tel. +358 29 539 3322


fax: +358 29 539 3146